This website is dedicated to exposing the truth about my son in law Former Chief Federal Judge Paul G. Hyman Jr. and to expose the harsh reality about my daughter Kelly Daoud Hyman. My daughter was a member of the high-priced law firm of Searcy Denney in Palm Beach, Florida. She proudly listed on her web page that “Ms. Hyman worked as an actress, appearing in numerous television shows and commercials.” She chose as her motto Justice John Holmes quote

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. She is no longer a member of this law firm and presently practices law at the McDivitt Law Firm in Denver Colorado.

Judge Paul G. Hyman
Ex-Federal Judge, Paul G. Hyman

I will never forget the first time I met Paul G. Hyman Jr. It was at my home in Miami Beach on January 15, 2011. My daughter Kelly introduced him as her date for the evening. I knew that she had been secretly sneaking around with him prior to our initial meeting. Nevertheless, my daughter always liked to keep things hidden; discreetly dating without openly admitting what she really was doing. We shook hands as he introduced himself to me.

“I’m Paul Hyman Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida.” He announced his name in such a pompous and pestilent manner that it seemed I was being given the great honor of meeting the President of the United States, the Pope and the Queen of England all in the same, solitary social event.

From the first moment we met, I tried hard to like Paul Hyman, but he is one of those arrogant, obnoxious, opinionated types of people that are very easy to dislike. Moreover, his appearance matched his demeanor. He had a raggedy gray goatee with a matching unkempt mustache, which contrasted sharply with the cheap orange dyed color tint of the few remaining surviving hairs on his bulbous balding head. Hyman had an unusually large forehead, with deeply sunk, thin eyebrows and snakelike dark eyes.

The combined combination of his arrogant attitude and aloof manner was discourteous. I tried to be polite, respectful but that desire quickly dissipated when he began to lecture me about how powerful it was to be the chief federal judge and how important his job was. I responded by smiling and listening to him pontificate on what a powerful person he was.

Five months later my daughter Kelly informed me that she was moving in with Paul Hyman at his Palm Beach waterfront mansion and that they were going to get married. I was very happy that my daughter had finally found someone to marry and to build a life with. She was forty-one years old and had lived with me off-and- on for the last fourteen years. During that time, she had earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree, her master’s degree and her law degree. I had encouraged her and assisted her in getting her education. Our relationship had started out very good and I loved her very much. However, what changed our relationship as it does with many parents was one solitary scandalous incident that transpired that exposed Kelly’s vicious nature.

Kelly (Daoud) Hyman – The Tragic Mess

In 1997, Kelly was living in New York with her mother. She met my best friend who was a successful businessman and very married with children. I warned her that he was charming, charismatic and listed in the prestigious Forbes magazine as being extremely wealthy, but he was married with children. He was a womanizer and a real player who was openly obsequious to his wife and secretly nefarious.  I truly liked him but realized his weaknesses. He was one of the very few people that had stood by me during my criminal trial, held me up at my mother’s funeral and visited me when I went to prison. Unfortunately, he truly loved women and his marriage never restricted him from romancing them. I warned my daughter she should not become romantically involved with him or accept any gifts he might give her or travel with him on overnight trips. Of course, Kelly disregarded my concerns. At first, he bought her jewelry from Tiffany’s, then she began to “BORROW” money from him and finally the forbidden first-class flights to “VACATION” in the Caribbean. They spent weekends in penthouse suites at the Plaza, attended Broadway plays and relished romantic buggy rides through Central Park. In the beginning, everything seemed perfect. Kelly told me he was going to get a divorce and he confirmed it. At first, I believed him. Then she began to take more than just ordinary gifts. He bought her an SUV, paid her school tuition and her vacations to Europe, California and wherever else she wanted to travel. Kelly needed more money. He began by giving her small amounts of cash, but the amounts got larger and larger as she demanded more and more.

Of course, the day of reckoning arrived as it does in almost all adulterous avaricious affairs. Eventually, he had enough. He told Kelly that their affair was over. He never wanted to see her again. I can still remember Kelly’s reaction when she first told me. Her face contorted with abhorrence, anger and a vicious animosity that was frightening. Kelly countenance resembled that of the accomplished actress Glenn Close in the iconic movie “Fatal Attraction.” The long-quoted phrase by the English Poet William Congreve “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” seared into my soul. I was not happy with what he had done. It was despicable. But what transpired with Kelly was even worse. She completely ignored his request to end their relationship. Instead, she began to make veiled threats that she would go public about their adulterous affair. She even threatened to visit his home and tell his wife and family. She told her paramour that she no longer wanted to live with her brother and me rent free and she needed a home of her own. Kelly demanded that he buy her a condominium close to Barry University where she was getting her master’s Degree. He had gotten her into the master’s program in communications at Barry. At first, he adamantly refused but Kelly persisted, assuring him that this would be the last time; he would have to buy her anything. Of course, he surrendered to Kelly’s demands as most successful, wealthy, married men do when threatened by their mistress. It was much easier for him to buy off his former sexual partner than to struggle with her. He grudgingly cosigned on her mortgage at his bank Wells Fargo, gave her money to buy the condominium and Kelly became the unscrupulous owner of unit 306 at the Capri Garden Condominiums 11925 N.E. 2nd. Ave. North Miami, Florida 33161. Of course, the most shocking thing about buying the condominium for Kelly was that she only lived there for a very short time. She rented it out pocketing the money and moved back to live with me and her brother while refusing to help with any of our expenses.

Unfortunately, moral weakness as it always does when threatened by an avarice adulteress only fuels the fires of greed. Kelly laughed at her ex lover’s stupidity in believing that she was finished with him financially. Instead of ending their relationship, she responded by demanding another car, a newer one. Once again, he caved in without a fight and helped her buy a second SUV all the while paying Kelly more and more money. By now, he had lost any desire to fight her and figured it was easier to just keep paying her. He no longer desired to see or speak to Kelly. He was a beaten man too afraid to confess to his wife and too scared to stand up to his larcenous mistress Kelly. Obsequiously he just began to hand me the cash and I would give it to Kelly. She never said thank you, never showed any signs of appreciation instead she told me how much she despised him and what a weak man he was for not leaving his wife even though he hated her. By now, I had become totally indifferent to both of them. He had certainly been stupid and selfish but now she was really going to make him suffer for his senselessness. Her ex-lover continued to pay Kelly off with fresh, bank bills with the amount of $10,000. written on the wrapper. The payments always consisted of neatly packaged hundred-dollar bills. Kelly spent the cash on her law school tuition, to pay for her travelling expenses, for massages, facials, acupuncture treatments, Botox shots along with everything else, she desired.

Each time he gave me, the cash to give her, his anger grew. “Tell her to stop calling me, to stop threatening me; otherwise the money is going to stop. She’s stolen enough from me.” I tried not to respond whenever he complained because I no longer believed anything either of them said. By now, I was very sorry that somehow, I had become so intensely involved in their infidelities. At this point in their relationship, they both deserved each other. I still wanted to protect my daughter, but it was becoming more and more difficult with each payment she demanded. What truly scared me was that Kelly was labeling all of this illicit money from her paramour as “GIFTS” and never paid taxes on them. I took my daughter to an accountant and watched the accountant’s face contort in disbelief as Kelly explained that everything she received from her ex-lover were “GIFTS”. Both the accountant and I tried to explain to my daughter that she could be in serious income tax trouble if the I. R. S. investigated her. She laughed replying, “It’s his problem not mine.” By the end of 2001, after four years of dealing with my daughter and her threats, he finally had enough. He hired a lawyer to prosecute her. He told his wife the truth and informed me that if Kelly ever contacted him again his lawyer was going to the State Attorney and file charges against her for “BLACKMAIL.” Immediately I begged him not to do anything stupid. For the first time I sincerely believed what he was saying. It wasn’t so much his words as the expression on his face. Gone was the nice guy façade that he always presented publicly. It had evaporated, replaced by a deep-seated countenance of hatred that he had never shown before. I convinced him that it would be better for him and his family if he just had Kelly sign a “General Release” agreeing to never contact him or any members of his family.

Kelly was furious when she learned that her meal ticket for the last four years was about to end. At first, she refused to sign anything unless she received another $25,000. Eventually she settled for $7,000. He warned me to be very careful of my daughter. He advised me that she loved money more than anything and that she was an accomplish actress and master manipulator. It was true that Kelly was a professional actress. She played Loretta in the very popular daytime soap opera “The Young and the Restless”. Kelly starred in television shows, movies, off-Broadway plays and over 100 commercials. She was an accomplished actress. her stellar performance as a disgruntled mistress came naturally to her.

“Alex once Kelly is stopped from further blackmailing me she will eventually turn on you and even Alexander, her own brother. When I started to break up with her, we met for lunch and Kelly told me she had cancer and was dying. Of course, I believed her, so I kept helping her. But when I wanted Kelly to go to a world-famous cancer specialist who is a friend of mine she never went. I asked Kelly to send copies of her medical records to the specialist. But of course, she never did. Finally, Kelly admitted to me that she was lying. That she didn’t have cancer. She was acting to get more money from me. That is how despicable a person she is. Kelly hates you and your son.”

His lawyer Richard Zaretsky faxed me a copy of the “GENERAL RELEASE“. A GENERAL RELEASE is a legal document that discharges all claims against a person for consideration. Which in this case was of course money. The document consisted of two pages and initially did not appear to be very onerous. When I first read it, the second paragraph shocked me, surging from the page. It had my name in it and the name of a corporation that my mother had given me Titan Signs.


KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT: THAT KELLY DAOUD, first party, for and in consideration of the sum of ($7,000.00) and other valuable considerations, received from or on behalf of Titan Signs, Inc. Alex Daoud and her ex-lover, jointly and individually as second parties, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged…..” the first paragraph continued in the usual legal language of a lawyer written release. Then I read the second paragraph where the power of the words changed.

       The first party (KELLY DAOUD) further covenants and agrees to neither harass, contact, nor communicate, directly or indirectly with her ex-lover inclusive of any member of his family (WHICH SHALL BE DEFINED AS HIS CHILDREN, WIFE, BROTHERS, SISTERS, PARENTS, AUNTS, UNCLES AND COUSINS) FROM THIS TIME FORWARD, WITHOUT EXCEPTION.”


These words carried the harsh truth and the disgusting reality of what she had done. The sentences conveyed the cold stone emotions and the ruthless reality of just how immoral Kelly had acted. She coerced him to buy her two cars, a condominium, jewelry, vacations and over a $100,000.00 in cash for having committed adultery. The shocking fact of the release was that the lawyer was trying to protect his client by including my name in it. After all, if his lawyer had to sue Kelly to enforce the general release he had me locked in as a witness to her actions. Of course, I would never testify against my own daughter or be part of a lawsuit to hurt her. If the lawyer had just researched my history, he would have known that I went to trial against the federal government when they indicted me on forty-one counts. I did it to protect my family and my friends. Unfortunately, the reality of life, is that there is a paucity of people that stand up when they have to put substantial skin in the game. Especially if you lose, you go to prison. My friend had made an awful mistake, inexcusable and my daughter Kelly had certainly made him pay for it to the tune of over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. On January 5, 2002, Kelly signed the notarized “GENERAL RELEASE”. I loved my daughter and I was going to make sure that everything ended peacefully and that no one else would get hurt. How naive I was.


Watch Kelly Hyman squirm during her testimony about blackmail money paid


In May 2003, my daughter graduated from law school and moved in with her teenage brother and me. She obtained the prestigious position of clerking for a federal bankruptcy judge. Of course, she never moved back to her ill-gotten apartment that she had coerced her adulterous lover to buy her. She continued to rent her apartment, pocketing the money while living with me and not paying any rent, food expenses or any other costs of living. I paid it all. At first, the three of us lived in a small two-bedroom apartment, and then we moved to a larger three bedroom. I desperately wanted to buy a home for all of us to live. The problem was that I needed to purchase a home near the apartment building that my mother and I had built. I had another concern that was far more serious. I was writing a tell all book “Sins of South Beach the True Story of Corruption, Violence, Murder and the Making of Miami Beach.” My publisher had withdrawn from the project because I was exposing real crimes, with real people with their real names. There had been numerous threats made against me about lawsuits, legal injunctions and even physical harm if I published “SINS OF SOUTH BEACH.”  I wasn’t worried about anyone hurting me; I was worried about the lawsuits for libel and the harsh reality of the legal expenses it could cost to defend. I knew I would eventually prevail in a lawsuit for defamation about my book. Truth is a complete defense to a defamation lawsuit. When you write a defamatory statement, it is called libel or slander when you speak the words. I began to make myself judgment proof by placing what little I owned into the trust I established for my son in 1993 before reporting to prison. I had established this trust when my son was just 3-year-old. I formed the trust when I began helping the prosecutors put the corrupt power brokers who had bribed me in prison. I even wore a wire for the U.S. attorney in a very dangerous meeting with Abel Holtz the C.E.O. of Capital Bank. The F.B.I. learned there was a contract to kill me. The Feds stashed me in a secret location after I testified at the public trial against the former C.E.O. of the defunct Centrust Bank David Paul. After my testimony, the jury convicted him on 68 of 69 charges. Federal Judge Donald Graham sentenced the corrupt banker to 11 years in prison. I wanted to protect my infant son in the event they killed me. I established an irrevocable trust for him before going to prison and placed every asset that I owned into the trust. Judge James Lawrence King sentenced me to Sixty-Three months in prison. I honestly believed that would be the last 5 years and 3 months of my life. I went to prison knowing that my infant son had financial protection. Eighteen months later the Judge released me. Immediately I began writing my tell all book “Sins of South Beach”. I was determined to expose the truth surrounding the rebirth of Miami Beach and the price paid for the city’s resurrection.

It was with this background and eminent release of my self-published book that I attempted to purchase a home next to the apartment building that was in my son’s trust. Another problem with purchasing my home was the fact that there were no houses for sale in my neighborhood. I wanted to buy my home on the same street where I had lived my entire life, on Michigan Ave. and 17TH. Street in South Beach. There was an elderly neighbor who I was friendly with Jordan Schwartz who spoke to me about selling his home. My attorney Jerrold Engelman prepared the contract to buy my home. On April 19, 2005, my attorney and I formed a corporation to purchase my residence. We did this to further hide my ownership. Unfortunately, we misspelled the name of my new corporation. Instead of spelling the correct name for the plant Bougainvillea, we misspelled it Bougainvilla. After forming the corporation, I went to dinner with the owner of the home. We had a wonderful meal and he signed the contract. My daughter wasn’t at the dinner and she had nothing to do with purchasing my new home. Unfortunately, the very next day the owner of the home had seller’s remorse. Jordan had several tenants living on his property that were crack addicts. One of them was a lawyer. She convinced him not to sell his home. My attorney, Jerry Engelman contacted Jordan’s attorney to try and negotiate a settlement. Jordan’s attorney responded by going to the Miami Police department claiming that Jordan was drunk when he signed the contract. The police refused to investigate declaring it was a civil matter. On June 6, 2005, my attorney filed a lawsuit on behalf of my corporation Bouganvilla, for Specific Performance or to make Jordan sell his home. My daughter was an attorney, but she was not capable of filing the lawsuit. So, we both began to help Jerry. Unfortunately, a short time after filing the lawsuit publicity began to build around my home. Kelly went crazy. She blamed me for being a convict, blamed our attorney Jerry for not being aggressive and blamed the Miami Herald for writing a story about my home. She kept screaming, “I want no part of you, your house or your son. You are a convicted felon and a disgrace.” Eventually, she came to her senses realizing we were involved in a lawsuit and a tough fight. Kelly insisted we hire a lawyer with more trial experience than Jerry. She believed that our case would end up with a trial and not a settlement.  My friend Larry Silverman recommended a former associate of his, an attorney by the name of Bernardo Burstein. From the first moment we met, I liked Bernardo. He was Cuban-American, Jewish and very intelligent. He had a high fore head, wore thick glasses and looked like a nerd. Because we were hiding my ownership interest in my corporation, my daughter Kelly would be the figurehead plaintiff. On July 8, 2005, Bernardo Burstein became attorney for my corporation. At first, I gave the money to my daughter to pay his legal fees to hide my ownership of Bouganvilla. Within a short time, we abandoned that form of payment and I wrote checks for Bernardo’s legal fees directly from my son’s trust account. In total, my son’s trust paid Bernardo Burstein over $35,000.00 in legal fees.

Throughout the lawsuit and all of these payments to Bernardo, we developed a friendship. A defendant has to trust his lawyer especially when the plaintiff ‘s attorney had threatened me with filing criminal proceeding for getting Schwartz to sign the sales contract. I began to trust Bernardo and to like him. He was very competent, and extremely supportive but also controlling and obdurate. He never liked any ideas unless he was the one that thought of them. Eventually almost all civil lawsuits are resolved with money. I ended up by paying Jordan Schwartz an additional $112,500.00 above the original contract price of $525, 00.00. I went to my bank and the loan officer, a wonderful religious woman Aleida Aroix who I first met in 2005 lent my corporation the money to purchase my dream home. To obtain the bank loan I had to pay $146,481.21 from my son’s trust paid directly to the bank along with all other closing expenses. (Please see Declaration of Aleida Aroix). My son’s trust also paid the following expenses for my home. KELLY (NOT CREDIBLE) HYMAN DID NOT PAY ONE PENNY FOR ANY OF THE EXPENSES OR LEGAL FEES TO PURCHASE MY HOME OR TO MAINTAIN IT. SHE JUST LIVED THERE GRATUITOUSLY.

Sins of South Beach” my tell all book was about to be released. I had divested myself of all of my personal assets by placing them in my son’s irrevocable trust. Without any personal assets to list as collateral to borrow money from my bank Aleida Aroix the loan officers in the bank recommended that my daughter sign the loan documents for me to obtain the mortgage. Kelly was more than willing to assist in helping me purchase a home. After all, my son’s trust would promptly pay all the mortgage payments and it would help Kelly improve her credit score. She would also have a large home to live in for free with me and her brother instead of a small apartment. I purchased my dream home and everything in my life was wonderful.  It was located on the same street where I was born, had grown up and lived my entire life. I was planning to live the rest of my life in that home with my daughter and my son. From the first moment I purchased my home, it turned into the classical “Money Pit.” All of the money to repair my new home came from my son’s trust account. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning. My new home was in such terrible disrepair that the initial inspection reports indicated that the entire electrical wiring, plumbing, air conditioning, windows, doors and roof needed replacement. The cost of repair was astronomical. There was no way that I had that much money to spend. So, a slow, stressful, overwhelming process began, the project of transforming my old dilapidated house into a habitable home for my son and daughter to live there as a family. It took over six months of full time renovation before we could even move in. But the work continued and the expenses for the repairs mounted. Throughout it all, my daughter never contributed anything. She lived with me and my son while enjoying the benefits of not paying any of the bills. In 2006, she moved to Utah to clerk for a federal judge. Kelly then decided to return to California. She no longer wanted to live in Florida and wanted to practice entertainment law in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she failed the California bar exam four times. Kelly went back to her old ways of mooching and once again lived rent-free in an apartment owned by a friend of mine. Of course, she refused to pay any rent for over eighteen months. Eventually the landlord threatened to sue her for past due rent. She asked my advice and I explained that the only defense she could offer was to contact the city of Los Angeles building department and have a city building inspector find something wrong with her apartment. She could then use that ruse to justify not paying any rent. The landlord filed a lawsuit to evict her and due to my advice, the inspectors report won the lawsuit for my daughter. She even obtained a judgment against the landlord. While she was living in Los Angeles, my friendship with Attorney Bernardo Burstein grew. He was an accomplished musician. His son was several years younger than my son. Bernardo would invite Alexander, to join them at guitar concerts. I reciprocated by inviting him and his son on numerous occasions to have lunch with Alexander and me. We would meet at my home and walk to fabulous Lincoln Road, in the heart of SoBe. Our friendship flourished, and we would often discuss my experiences in politics and writing a book and his life practicing law. Bernardo would invite me and my son to his annual office parties with his other clients. These yearly events were in upscale restaurants and were very enjoyable evenings. I would always sit next to Bernardo and throughout dinner, we would laugh and recall the events that transpired during my lawsuit. Unfortunately, my daughter Kelly was enduring a far worse experience. Failing the California Bar Exam four times drove her into a deep state of depression, defeat and despair. I continued to support her and help her throughout her distress. She returned to South Beach and moved back to live in my home with her brother. Kelly once again refused to pay any bills. She got a job in Miami with the law firm of Gray Robinson and slowly her confidence began to return. Unfortunately, there were allegations that her legal abilities were lacking, and the law firm terminated her employment on October 12, 2010. In an extreme move, the lawyers in her law firm were so upset with Kelly that they even required her to sign a very unusual private severance agreement entitled




Mary Ellen Noris-Adams,  PHR Human  Resources  Director
MENADAMS@GRAY-ROBINSON.COM                                     October 12, 2010

Via email:
and U.S. Mail

Personal and Confidential
Kelly Daoud, Esq.
1750 Michigan Ave
Miami Beach, FL.  33139

Re:  Confidential Separation, Severance,  Waiver and Release Agreement (the “Agreement”)

Dear Kelly:

As you  discussed  with  Frank  Terzo, Gary  Carman  and  me on  September  30, 2010, Gray Robinson,  P.A. (“the  Firm”)  has  made a business  decision,  based on the needs of the Firm and existing work load,  to terminate your employment  as an At-Will, Contract Attorney,  effective October 8, 201 O (the “Separation Date”).

To assist you with your transition from the Firm, and subject to the terms set out in this Agreement, the Firm will provide the following consideration:

1.           Severance Pay.  The Firm  will provide six (6) weeks of severance  pay in the gross amount of Sixteen Thousand Two Hundred and 00/100 Dollars ($16,200.00),  less  applicable  taxes  (FICA,  Medicare  and  federal  tax withholding).

One  Thousand  and  00/100  Dollars  ($1,000.00)  of the  Severance  Pay  is allocated as consideration for your waiver of any and all claims that you may have regarding  the ADEA (defined below).

2.    Unemployment Compensation. The Firm will not object to or challenge a claim you may make for unemployment compensation benefits.

3.   Letter Confirming Employment. Firm Shareholders Frank Terzo and Gary

Carman will provide a letter confirming your dates of employment and a brief

Kelly than began to surreptitiously date Chief Judge Pre-Nup Paul My Future Bald Son in Law. Six Months after they secretly started seeing each other she told me that she was going to move in with him and live in his WATERFRONT MANSION IN PALM BEACH. Old baldy came to my home to pick up Kelly’s belongings. My son Alexander had applied to medical school at FAU. and was going to be interviewed by the Dean of Admissions Dr. Robert Hinckley.  Since the school was located near OLD BALDY’S home, I asked if he knew anyone at the school. He told me no that he didn’t. Incredibly, three weeks later he sent this text message to my son accusing me and my son of lying.



I am tired of Kelly catching the brunt of your father’s abuse. Just so you are clear, let me summarize what happened. I was in Miami and came by to pick up Kelly’s stuff. You and your Dad asked me if I knew anyone who had any pull at FAU. I said no because, at the time that is what I thought. I asked you what was going on and you said you were meeting with someone in the administration on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon ( I am unclear which day). I asked you to come over to my house for dinner and you said great. I told Kelly this and she was thrilled. Saturday, Kelly and I went to dinner with an old friend of mine to introduce him and his wife to Kelly. During the dinner conversation, Kelly, in bragging about you, told him you were on the wait list at FAU med school. He then informed us that he was on the Board of the Med school. I knew he was involved with the business school, but this is the first time I learned of his involvement with the med school. I asked him what was the average scores of admittees and he said the average GPA was 3.75 and the average board scores were 33. He asked about your grades and scores and we said your first year grades were lower than that due to you working as an EMT, but the last couple years you had done very very well. He said based on that, he would call the administrative offices on Monday to see if he could help you.

Sunday, I took steaks out of the freezer and marinated them so I could cook them when you came up.

I texted your Dad to tell him about my friend and told him about the average grades and scores. My friend then called me Monday and told me you had no appointments. I covered for you and told him I must have misunderstood you. He said he would try to push you up the wait list, but he was not overly optimistic due to your GPA..   I texted your Dad telling him I did not appreciate the misrepresentation about the meeting because it had embarrassed me.

Since then, you Dad has been a complete jerk to your sister who has nothing to do with this. Kelly is completely innocent in this situation. All she did was brad about you. At the most, you and your Dad either exaggerated or misspoke, or I misunderstood your boasting.  If your father has a beef, it is with me, not Kelly. Yet he hasn’t been man enough to call me about it. I have not told my friend about the way your Dad has acted toward Kelly and do not intend to out of Kelly’s loyalty to you. However, if you Dad says one more nasty thing to Kelly, I will tell my friend to pull his support.  Talk about no good deed goes unpunished and making a mountain out of a mole hill.  This is it!



When I first read OLD BALDY’S text I WAS FURIOUS, SEETHING WITH ANGER. This pompous jackass had called me a liar to my son and even had the audacity to call my son a liar. How could THE sitting CHIEF JUDGE for the UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA USE HIS POWER, INFLUENCE AND POSITION TO THREATEN MY 23-YEAR-OLD SON WITH THE FOLLOWING WORDS. “However, if you Dad says one more nasty thing to Kelly, I will tell my friend to pull his support.”

I wanted to confront the Chief Judge Old Baldy, face-to-face, man-to-man for these ignorant, mendacious, malicious threats. I knew if there was a confrontation it would only cause more problems for my daughter. Instead, I sent him a text explaining who we met and what time we met and where the office was. Instead of admitting his mistake, OLD BALDY just kept repeating his accusations. As if he could convince me that he was right. I let it slide and tried to forget it but within my very being, my rage was boiling like molten lava about to erupt. I became determined to avoid my daughter and the pompous jackass she was living with. Everything went smoothly for almost a year until my daughter called me up. She was furious. She informed me that the Chief Judge had finally agreed to marry her but he wanted her to sign a pre-nuptial agreement. I informed Kelly that she needed to find a very good marital attorney and seek their advice. She informed me that she had already done that and that the attorney informed her it was the worst prenuptial agreement he had ever seen. Her attorney advised her not to sign it. My daughter was furious with OLD BALDY. Kelly kept calling me, repeating that he had placed all of his assets in trust for his children and his dead wife had also established a trust for their children. Kelly was not going to get anything if she married him. She kept saying, “HE IS 17 YEARS OLDER THAN I ‘AM. HE WILL BE 77 WHEN I’M 60. I DON’T WANT TO BE A CAREGIVER TO MY HUSBAND WHEN HE’S IN A NURSING HOME.”  My daughter’s voice quivered from anger. I tried to calm her down. But she was beyond reconciliation.  Kelly needed someone to talk too, to vent her anger. Instead of speaking, I devoted my full attention to every word she spoke, never interrupting, never questioning only listening. Finally, her wrath subsided giving away to disgust and disappointment. There were several moments of silence as we both tried to alleviate her suffering. Years of relating to people’s problems gave me the insight to let my daughter make her own decision.

“What do you want to do?

“I want to come home. I can’t be with a man that wants to place all of these requirements on me before we even get married.” Kelly answered her problem the way I would have suggested. Gratification for my daughter’s courage swelled within me.

“If that’s what you want, I agree it’s a great decision. Do you need any help moving home?”

“No, it’s better if I do it myself. I’ll move next week. But thank you so much, and I truly love you and Alexander for being there for me.”

The week past and she never returned home. I telephoned her several times but she never answered or even bothered to return my calls. Several weeks later, I learned that she had given in and signed Paul Hyman unconscionable pre-nuptial contract against her attorney’s advice.  Several weeks passed and I received an e-mail stating that she was going to sell the condominium she had coerced her adulterous lover into helping her buy. Of course, I immediately agreed to take it out of my corporation Bouganvilla Investments.  The condominium at Capri Gardens was not mine and I wanted nothing to do with it.  (PLEASE SEE KELLY’S E-MAIL MAY 30, 2011.) Pre-Nup Paul came to my home picked up the executed quitclaim deed and the few remaining belongings that Kelly had left and then everything seemed finally resolved. I spoke with Kelly and she had finally come to accept her relationship with Pre-Nup Paul. I avoided speaking about him and even mentioning his name. There was no need for me to discuss him because my dislike for this arrogant, pompous, jackass had grown to complete disgust. An e-mail arrived inviting me and my son to attend my daughter’s wedding. I was excited for Kelly and immediately accepted. Unfortunately, the euphoria was short lived. The invitation was followed with an angry e-mail that sounded more like a demand letter from a lawyer than a request from a daughter. It was entitled “What is a Father?” Lies and misstatements permeated her e-mail.

“Does a father lie to his offspring? You told me that we are going to own the house together and when you die, I was going to have the house, so I would have a place to live.  Is that not true?  Then you take my name off the corporation and don’t even tell me? Why? You told me that you would hold my 1/2 stock in the house and I appreciate that, but I would like my stock interest in the house.”

I read and re-read the e-mail, in a state of mind-boggling shock. She had used the same ruse of “so I would have a place to live” when she conned her adulterous lover into buying her the condominium at Capri Gardens. The next thing in her e-mail that infuriated me was “and when you die,” couldn’t my daughter even wait for me to die before stealing my home. I have learned in life never to react with anger when it comes to family relations. I spent the remainder of the day contemplating how to respond to this flagrant attack of lies eventually realizing that it had to be in writing.


Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 1:04 PM
To: kelly daoud <>


Its great to hear from you. How are you? I hope all is well? I hear that you are traveling throughout the world so I hope that you are enjoying life. It is very sad that you chose to communicate with me in such an impersonal manner by writing me instead of meeting face to face. So, I will respond to you in the manner you selected. The truth is that when you love someone you don’t have to “SHOW” it the way you suggest. That is the sad part of our relationship; you solely base love on material things or money not the intangible elements that is true caring and real love. So, let me show you how much I love you and how much I risked for you.

When you had an affair with my best friend when I told you NOT to make love to him but you did, do you remember what happened? He was the only one that stood by me during my trial, held me up when I buried my mother and visited me in Prison, what did you do? YOU DEMANDED CARS, MONEY, AND A CONDO FROM HIM. I stood by you and protected you when he wanted to go to the police and stopped him from filing charges against you for blackmail. Of course, I lost my relationship and friendship with him and we rarely communicate anymore.

Do you remember when you came to live with me when I was on probation and your mother tried to put me back in jail? She kept bothering me calling me and threatening me, and your paramour wanted to send you back to her in California and you didn’t want to go. I got on the phone and told your mother and him to leave you alone. That you were going to live with me no matter how much she threatened me with going back to prison. I STOOD BY YOU.

Do you remember the law suit over the house when you started fighting with me and you called me a convict? I gave a sworn deposition and we won that lawsuit. I STOOD BY YOU.

Then what happened with my friend Mike? You go to California live in his apartment for over a year don’t pay any rent, constantly call me for money that I paid so you could stay in a hotel before you moved into Mike’s apartment building. He then filed a formal complaint with the Florida Bar. I spoke to your attorney and greatly assisted you by signing a sworn affidavit for your defense so that you wouldn’t lose your license to practice law. Thank G-d the complaint was dismissed and no more action was taken against you. Your lawyer told me that my affidavit was very important in resolving your bar complaint. Also when he was trying to evict you I told you to call the city inspectors so that you would be protected if he ever sued you which he did and you won.

You are now engaged to a man that doesn’t like me and openly disparages me in e-mails to Alexander. Do you think I would ever associate with anyone that disliked you or spoke badly about you? The answer is a resounding NO. But I respect your decision and have avoided any conflicts with him.

I called you to warn you when Pattie went to your paramour’s home and threatened him about you. I asked you to call me back. How did you respond by calling me, NO, you text me back and never even bothered to speak to me.

It’s very interesting that you have not once asked me “How are you? How is your health?” Instead once again all you care about is material things.

I would love to have a relationship with you that is not based on material things or money. As far as money for school you took plenty from my friend and used a lot of it for school. But you chose to buy a condominium and two different cars. You could have sold your condominium and paid your school with that money. In the fourteen years that you lived with me on and off you never once paid any of your living expenses but I did. Even your medical expenses at Dr. Dayton, Dr. Liang and for your Botox. I paid them even when you were making a six-figure salary practicing law. But I guess you forgot this.

I would love to see you and speak with you face to face. So please let me know when we can meet for lunch or dinner.

Look forward to hearing from you,




Unfortunately, nothing was resolved. Kelly responded with another e-mail sounding more like a lawyer than a loving daughter does. Incredibly, she even defended PreNup Paul the man that had forced her to sign the unconscionable marital agreement.  Here is the portion of the e-mail defending PreNup.

“As to Paul, it saddened me that you do not like him. He has been very good to me and tried to help Zander with school. He has treated me better than any man in my life. I truly love him with all of my heart and would do anything for him and I know he would do the same for me.”

It suddenly became crystal clear that CHIEF JUDGE PRENUP PAUL WAS DRIVING HER E-MAILS AND PUSHING MY DAUGHTER TO STEAL MY HOME. I was now going to take off the gloves and give him a dose of reality with my next e-mail.

Sun, Mar 11, 2012 at 4:45 PM
To: kelly daoud <>


Once again I never said “I DISLIKED PAUL” YOU TOLD ME HE DISLIKED ME BECAUSE I WAS A CONVICT AND WAS NOT NICE TO YOU. Paul probably doesn’t know the whole story of what has happened or he would never have said that.

Don’t you remember when you called me and you were so upset that he insisted you sign a pre-nuptial contract before he would marry you? You told me he was being very selfish towards you and not being fair because he had put most of his property in trust for his children and didn’t make that much money. You even mentioned that your lawyer told you that it was the most unfair pre-nuptial agreement he had ever seen in all the years he practiced law. YOU WERE THE ONE BAD MOUTHING PAUL TO ME NOT ME BAD MOUTHING PAUL TO YOU.

Kelly it may have saddened you to read what I wrote in my e-mail but it’s all true. Imagine how I feel about my lifetime friendship with your paramour that is completely ended. Or the fact that your finance wrote an e-mail accusing me of being a Liar about having an appointment with Dean ROBERT HINKLEY at FAU. I HAVE STOOD BY YOU FOR THE LAST FIFTEEN YEARS EVEN WHEN YOU WERE WRONG AND YOU ALSO WANTED TO LEAVE PAUL BECAUSE OF THE PRE-NUP HE INSISTED YOU SIGN. I have put skin in the game for you whenever you gotten into a jackpot even when it threatened my well-being.

 As far as the house is concerned that is not correct what you have stated. You have never paid a mortgage payment, light payment, tax bill, insurance payment, repair bill or any other bill associate with my house. All you have done is enjoyed the benefits of living with me and paying nothing. Even when you were making six figures practicing law. As far as giving me your car, your car was practically worth nothing due to the accident you had, the age and physical condition. You even told me it was unsafe. After you gave me your car I spent over $2,000.00 fixing it so it could be driven.

Kelly your definition of love is very jaded. It’s not just based on money but on intangibles such as knowing that within the last fifteen years I have always been there for you even when you were wrong. I love you very much and think about you often.

Please call me so that we can meet. I have called you and left messages for you to call me back and all I get is text messages. You sound like a lawyer trying to build a case against me not a daughter who loves me. If you don’t call me I will call you so that we can see each other.




I called my daughter several times hoping we could resolve this matter. In reality I was planning on giving her half of my home in my will along with other valuables. Kelly never called me back. She responded by sending me a cold, nasty e-mail uninviting me from attending her wedding. She added a very interesting Post Script at the end of the e-mail.


P.S. Zander- I will always love you and will always be there for you. I would love for you to come. Just let me know if you are coming. It is your choice. If I don’t hear from you by Friday, I will assume that you are not coming.



Of course, my son would not go to the wedding without me and it was probably much better because there was a hatred burning within me against the egotistical jackass, Paul Hyman. He had insulted me to my son, publicly called me a liar and was now turning my daughter against me. I could not believe that things could get worse but unfortunately, I was wrong.

On November 20, 2012, a process server showed up at my home with a lawsuit. As I read it, my body burst with anger. I felt completely betrayed, deceived and abused. Incredibly, my daughter was suing me. All of her loving e-mails had been lies, a setup, posturing, to enhance her legal position.   Astoundingly, her attorney was none other than my good friend and former lawyer BERNARDO BURSTEIN. He was the same lawyer that I had paid over $35,000.00 to represent my company in obtaining my home when the seller tried to renege. He was also the same hypocrite that had invited me to his Christmas Parties, gone out to eat with me at restaurants and even invited my son to go to concerts with his son. From the moment the lawsuit commenced I knew it was going to get nasty, very nasty and the damage done would be irreparable. Kelly knew everything about me but I also knew EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. The difference between us was that I had written a book about my misdeeds and Kelly had lived her life like a book of lies built of cards. Trust is a very sacred sentiment and my daughter had destroyed those hallowed feelings for us forever.

From the moment of the first hearing in front of the Honorable John W. Thornton, our judge it became painfully obvious that the true mover behind the lawsuit, the true plaintiff was not my daughter, but her husband, Chief Judge Pre-Nup Paul my bald son in law. The litigation lingered getting more vicious as times passed. Kelly began by just suing me, then she showed up with Pre-Nup Paul and tried to serve me papers to evict me. The final straw she then sued her younger brother, my son while he was attending medical school. When she did this, I vowed to expose the truth about Kelly Hyman as a Blackmailer, a Liar and an Adulteress. During the litigation we went to five court ordered mediations. Pre-Nup attended each one with my adulteress daughter Then finally on November 20, 2014 exactly 2 years after the lawsuit started Judge Thornton handed down his Final Order on Plaintiffs’ Fourth Amended Complaint. The Judge ruled by dividing the ownership in the home equally. I received the benefit of having a life estate. I thought the litigation was finally over. How wrong I was. My adulterous daughter filed three appeals, she lost all of them. This website was built to expose the truth and to educate anyone that may possibly have business with Kelly (Not Credible Hyman) and Pre-Nup Paul my bald son in law.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to learn the truth.

Alex Daoud
Author Sins of South Beach