Kelly Hyman Recalls Nothing About Her Sordid and Adulterous Affair

It is fun to watch people squirm when they lie. Here’s a nice little video we found that shows Kelly Hyman almost squirm out of her seat!

Have you ever seen a deer in your headlights? That is nothing in comparison to this train wreck of a deposition. Watch as Kelly Hyman squirms and purposefully avoids responding to direct questioning regarding her adulterous affair, blackmail threats and the resulting “hush money” that was paid to Mrs. Hyman to secure her silence and to keep her away from her adulterous ex-lover and his family.

A copy of the signed “General Release” document is presented to Kelly Hyman and you can feel the heat being turned up as she claims to have never seen the document… even though it contains her signature.

View high-res version below:

You can read the general release document for yourself HERE.