Kelly Hyman Loses Lawsuit

Kelly Hyman Loses Lawsuit

Judge: Former Miami Beach Mayor Can Stay in His Home

Originally published on The Real Deal on November 18,2014

by Eric Kalis

Former Miami Beach Mayor Alex Daoud emerged victorious in a lengthy legal dispute with his daughter over whether he can remain in his Michigan Avenue home. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John W. Thornton ruled Monday that Daoud’s daughter, Kelly Hyman, has a 50 percent stake in the company that owns the Miami Beach house. That means Daoud, who owns the other half of the company through a trust, and Hyman must mutually agree to any sale of the property. Hyman unsuccessfully claimed that she owned all of the company.

In 2012, Hyman sued Daoud, who served 18 months in federal prison for tax evasion. She argued the home belonged completely to her because her name was on the incorporation documents of the company used to buy the property eight years ago, according to the Miami Herald. “A sophisticated father and daughter, both of whom have law degrees, both of whom have sophisticated counsel, are fighting over what amounts to expectation inheritance rights,” Thornton wrote in his ruling.