Judge Calls Out Kelly Hyman's Lack of Credibility

Judge Calls Out Kelly Hyman’s Lack of Credibility in

In his final order, Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Thornton states that Ms. Hyman’s testimony was not credible. In contrast, the judge noted that Mr. Daoud’s testimony was credible. Here are a few of the excerpts from the judge’s order:

Kelly Hyman’s Testimony:

  • Ms. Hyman’s testimony — that she conceived the idea, prepared the documents on line, and later hired Mr. Engelman — was not credible.
  • Hyman asserts that her role as guarantor on the loan is evidence of her ownership of Bouganvilla.  The Court disagrees. 
  • The Court finds Hyman’s testimony not credible with regard to her alleged 100% ownership of the company.
  • The Court finds that Hyman’s testimony regarding payments made by Titan Signs, or any other entity at the time of the closing to consummate the closing, were advancements on her inheritance — not credible.
  • There was no credible testimony by Kelly Hyman that this was an advancement. The doctrine of advancement does not apply unless the ancestor dies wholly intestate.  Mr. Daoud has not died.  The Court finds no advancement.
  • In fact, testimony revealed that Ms. Hyman never disclosed her interest in the corporation or property as a personal asset.

Mr. Daoud’s Testimony:

  • Mr. Daoud’s testimony — that it was his desire to find and purchase a property on
    Michigan Avenue for his family to live in — was credible.
  • Mr. Daoud’s testimony — that he did not want his name attached to the property at
    the time of its acquisition — was credible.

It is quite obvious that Kelly Hyman’s ill-conceived attempt to steal her father’s home was based on lies and misrepresentations and was completely fueled by greed. If Kelly Hyman will willingly submit non-credible testimony to the courts in order to advance her own avaricious agenda, how can she be trusted with other matters of legal import? Kelly Hyman, the self-anointed “Social Justice Attorney”, certainly has a perverted perception of justice… at least as it applies to her.