Is “Prenup Paul” up to his old tricks again? Have you no shame sir?

According to a SHOCKING (VERIFIED) lawsuit filed in Broward County, FL recently, the “honorable” Former Chief judge, Paul G. Hyman Jr. is accused of “unlawful exercise of undue influence, duress and over persuasion” in respect to a dying 95 year old holocaust survivor (who happened to be Hyman’s former father-in-law), the self-made millionaire, Dr. Theodore Fried.

Paul Hyman is accused of using his stature as a US Federal judge to intimidate, coerce and frighten Dr. Fried into rewriting his will in order benefit Hyman’s 2 children. You can read it for yourself and make up your own mind. Be forewarned, reading this document may make you sick to your stomach:

Download (PDF, 702KB)